Gary Adams Photography Photo Session Ordering and Image Delivery




This page outlines our fun, easy and simplified high school senior and family portrait production and delivery process.

Senior pictures and portrait photography are really exciting as well as fun and I strive to make all aspects of the process just as enjoyable and easy as they should be! 

Step 1. Scheduling

 We schedule the date, time and location of the photo session as well as the photo package that you select. 

Step 2. Production

We meet, perform and complete the photo session. 

Step 3. Postproduction

I edit and cull all of the images from the photo session  down to an manageable number of untouched photographs (usually 40 to 50 proofs for a high school senior) to be reviewed by the senior/family/client online in a private client gallery on my website (garyadamsphotography.com) Individual photo proofs are selected for optimization, clean up and retouching (according to Gary Adams Photography standards)  Prints and/or digital file delivery are then ordered and directed by Gary Adams Photography for delivery.

In the days before social distancing, I enjoyed providing the image review service in person at the client’s homes. I really look forward to returning to this practice in the future.

Images can be selected by the seniors/clients from the online gallery and can be ordered via email or texted to me.

STEP 3  Image Delivery

Actual photo prints any size up to 16 inches by 24 inches can be delivered to the seniors’/clients’ homes. Digital photographs can be delivered by email or by dropbox.

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